7 Tips to Be a Successful Foreign Student in Australia


successful-student-in-australiaIf you decided to study in Australia, you must have been attracted by the high-quality educational system, beautiful nature, and awesome cities. This is most people’s first impression about Australia: ‘it’s so weird’. This country is like a whole new world that’s waiting to be discovered. Needless to say, studying is your priority, so you should think about fitting into the school before anything else.

Your stay in Australia will be an adventure. You’ll reveal new things every single day, so you should stay open-minded. Before you even apply to a school, you should know that you need a visa. The fee is quite high, so you’ll have another significant expense at start. You’ll also need to get health insurance if it’s not already included in your program. Now that we covered these important requirements, let’s see how you can become a successful foreign student in Australia.

1. Explore!

This is the first thing you should do. Learn everything you can about the country before you even get on campus. Explore the history and different cultures that compose the community you’ll become part of. When you get there, walk through the campus and see what activities it offers. Become part of a sports team, a debate club, or any other subculture that will enable you to fit in.

Then, you should spread the limits and see what the wider environment will surprise you with. Australia has great hiking and biking destinations. Needless to say, you’ll need company for such an adventure. The last thing you want is getting lost in an unknown country.

2. Don’t be limited to campus accommodation!

Campus accommodation is quite convenient. It’s relatively affordable when you compare it with an apartment, but you should keep in mind that it’s not the only option you have. Conduct a proper online research and ask around; Australian students have tons of opportunities for housing, such as renting, sharing, house sitting, boarding, or living with friends/family.

Your university probably has a department that informs students about housing options. Check it out and make sure you consider different alternatives before making the final decision. You might be attracted to the campus because it enables you to socialize easily, but don’t forget that it’s not always great to be surrounded with a crowd. If you want to maintain a decent level of privacy, then you should think twice before making the final choice.

3. Master academic writing!

You won’t like this part of your studies. Australian universities have very strict academic writing standards that all students are supposed to meet. Since you’re part of a country you don’t know much about, you’ll need to work much harder than the natives, especially on projects from the social sciences niche.

Follow the instructions carefully and practice writing a lot! If there is absolutely no time to complete a particular paper, delegate it to the professional writers at AustralianWritings.com. They can help you complete any type of assignment. Don’t even think about making excuses.

4. Master the Australian accent!

At first, it will be fun to listen to that ‘alien-like accent’ and make fun of the way your new friends speak. Then, you’ll realize it’s not that cool when you cannot understand everything they say and you can’t fit in. You need to make an effort. Practice speaking with this accent; you’ll realize it’s much more complex than it first seemed.

There are certain apps that can help you. Try Ready to Go Australian English.

5. Take action!

Socializing won’t happen on its own, you know. Don’t just sit there and wait for people to make the first contact. Be active! If you want to get the most out of this experience, you need to get involved in different activities and hang out with as many people as possible. If you are an introvert by nature, things will be more difficult for you, so you might want to stick with a certain group of people throughout your stay in Australia. Of course, you’ll still have to work on establishing friendships!

6. Organize your time!

It’s difficult to achieve every task on your schedule when you are in a completely new environment that’s waiting to be explored. You’ll need to plan your activities carefully. Australian universities are quite rigorous, so you cannot relax too much if you’re after a great academic record.

If you keep wasting time on Facebook and Twitter, it’s time to start using apps and browser extensions that will block your access to distracting pages during particular periods of the day. Try Cold Turkey and Anti-Social.

7. Obtain budgeting skills!                        

Here is a not-so-fun fact about Australia: it’s expensive! Melbourne and Sydney are among the cities that regularly make the top ten lists of most expensive destinations in the world. Once you realize that everything costs more than you planned, you’ll have to start thinking about proper budgeting. Search for student discounts before making any expense, and try to be more responsible with your money.

The seven tips listed above will make your stay in Australia less challenging. Every foreign student needs to go through an adaptation period, but you’ll be happy you made this choice once you start blending in.

7 Tips to Be a Successful Foreign Student in Australia
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