Study in Australia – 10 reasons why you should be there right now.

relaxing-kangarooAustralia is hot property.  The land down under has progressed rapidly against world economies in recent years and for those who wish to study in Australia, has become one of the most popular study destinations in the world.  Despite a population of only 23 million, Australia accepts the largest number of international students after the USA and UK.  Australia is no longer some backwater,  distant British colony.  It is a thriving, highly modern and urbanised nation that is now constantly mentioned in lists rating top cities of the world, strongest economies in the world, happiest society in the world…the list goes on.  If that wasn’t enough, Australia has kangaroos and kangeroos are freaking awesome!

Anyone who has made the plunge to study in Australia has discovered that Australia has a vibrant, dynamic, multicultural and friendly population.  It is possible to travel freely within the borders of Australia and English is the main language and spoken everywhere.  To help future students make the decision about whether or not they should study in Australia (you should), the Study In Australia Blog has put together 10 reasons why you should consider Australia as your destination.

1. Excellence  

If you choose to study in Australia, you can be sure of a high-quality education. Australia is the third most popular study destination on Earth and the education is recognised as some of the most innovative in the world. Australia also enjoys an international reputation for excellence in many areas of education and training.

The education system is also highly regulated and protected as the education sector is one of the largest industries in Australia and very important to the economy.

2. Job Opportunities

Aside from maintaining economic growth during the Global Financial Crisis, much to the envy of most of the rest of the developed world, Australia has managed about 23 years of continuous economic growth.  This year, two Australia cities, Sydney and Melbourne,  managed to get into the top 10 cities in the world for student employment opportunities. The only other country to get this was China (Beijing and Hong Kong). Perth also managed to get 30th, still an incredibly impressive score.

3. The ability to Work while studying and after graduationjob-interview

While the USA and UK are making changes which restrict international students’ ability to work, Australia is improving theirs.  On Australian student visas, students can work 20 hours a week during semester and unlimited hours outside of semester.  This makes a huge difference in being able to cover some living expenses while studying in Australia.  Further, once you graduate, if your have completed a degree which has taken the equivalent of 2 years to complete, your visa allows you to stay and work in Australia for two year after graduation.  This allows students to get life experience not just by studying in Australia, but also get international working experience and a graduate and truly build an international CV.

4. Streamlined Visa Processing

Under the streamlined student visa processing arrangements, eligible student visa applicants from participating universities are assessed as though they are a lower immigration risk, irrespective of their country of origin.

If you are eligible for streamlined student visa processing you are not assigned an Assessment Level. This is because under the streamlined visa processing arrangements a student visa applicant is determined to be low immigration risk.

If you are eligible for streamlined student visa processing you will generally have reduced evidentiary requirements when applying for a student visa.

5. Course length

An undergraduate degree in the United States takes four years. If you study in Australia it takes three.  ’Nuff said??

So when you are looking at comparing the average annual cost to study in Australia compared to that in the United States you’ll need to remember that you will save a year by studying in Australia which you can use to work.

6. Quality of Life 

Seriously, its unparalleled to any other place on Earth.  When you study in Australia, get prepared for the best quality of life you will ever have. Here are some stats:

  • Australia rated the happiest country on Earth
  • Melbourne has been rated the most liveable city 3 times in a row
  • 4 cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth) in the top ten most liveable cities.
  • 2 cities in the top ten best student cities in the world.

7. Quality Assurances

Australia’s national quality assurance system is unique both in its structure and its rigour. International students studying in Australia, and even their parents, enjoy an unparalleled level of service and financial protection when they study in Australia. Australia is committed to providing quality education to students studying in Australia– be it national or international.

The Australian Quality Training Framework has been set up by the government to strengthen the quality assurance processes in education. Australia provides the world’s most rigorous protection for international students through ESOS.

8. Cost of Living


The Australian cost of living for a student is really quite low. It is pretty easy for a student to work part time and study whilst earning enough to meet all their living expenses. The heating costs are also much lower, as it is much warmer climate than those of say, London or most of Europe, and the lifestyle is relaxed too.

9. Multicultural Society

Australia has the third largest number of International students after the United States and UK, despite having only 23 million people. Australia is a safe, multicultural, friendly and harmonious society. Australians value cultural diversity and social sophistication that international students bring to the campuses and communities.  Great care is taken in looking after international students and helping them to adjust to the Australian way of life. Australia has a low crime rate and strict gun control laws providing a safe environment.

You can guarantee that when you study in Australia your studies won’t be upset by political instability, violence, protest or the like despite the fact that people from about 200 countries have migrated to Australia, making Australia one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. The multicultural nature of Australian society means international students are readily accepted by other students, and teachers are experienced in teaching classes to students from many countries.multicultural-australia

10. The climate

I mean honestly, Australia has it all – beaches, sun, warm weather, surf, which has all lead to quite a laid back lifestyle.  This is not to say Australia is all about going to the beach, it’s not, but Australia is extremely “outdoorsy” because they can be.  The television is awful, because it’s not important. People would rather be out “doing stuff”.  The only time this is bad, is when you study in Australia, look outside, and see how beautiful the weather is and you have to stay inside.

And Kangeroos.  Australia has Kangeroos!!

There are many other reasons why you should consider studying in Australia.  What are your favourites?

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Study in Australia – 10 reasons why you should be there right now.
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